Article Directory FAQ

Article Directory is a website that has collections of articles written in different subjects. These are often called content farms in which the websites are created in order to produce mass content and where some of it is based on Churnalism. It is actually a journalism form wire stories, press release and other forms of some pre-packaged stuffs which are being used to be able to create articles in news media or in newspaper just to meet the increasing cost and time with no further checking or research. Article directories may also accept article form contributors but has also to require unique article. The typical word count for the article is around four hundred to five hundred with the tools like WYSIG editor for writing, then submitting the article. The author box can also be provided to have personal information about the author that will include link to the website of the author.

Categories or tags can also be used in order to organize the articles and help search engines tags or categories that act as the keywords that also identifies the covered topic within the article. Most of the directories are paying the author for his or her contribution. Also, some of the directories review the articles before it is published. There is also certain time for waiting period either for days before an article will appear.

SEO purposes through Submitting Articles

Article Directories are very helpful for allowing users to have their own unique articles into the directories. All of these directories are allowing the directories to have the links embedded into the other websites with the relevant anchor text. Those popular directories of articles are considered as authority sites and were being crawled by the search engine bot continuously. Backlinks are being obtained by the webmaster by means of submitting anchor text through linking back into the site. This supports in eliminating low quality of submissions, spun articles, spam and duplicate articles.

Nowadays, links are being considered harmful for your article directories. Google which is known as one of the best search engine has been punishing all of those sites that obtained the links from article directories. It is actually not one of the most recommended ways of obtaining the links into your site.

Article Format and Structure for Article Directories

For SEO purposes, an ideal article length is eight hundred to one-thousand two hundred words together with the key word density that is about 2 to 3 percent. Ideal length also changes over time and these recent years, there were two hundred to four hundred words that are already acceptable. Research engines are continuously evolving and the essence of content is rising continuously.

Understanding Article Directories

Article Directory is a large form of data base for information that has been released by different websites. It only means that when you have your own article o be released, you can be able to submit this into any of the directories and have it indexed for people to easily find it. This has always been the best way of improving ranking for SEO and having boost of visitors for your website. It is one way for making the best online marketing strategy creating great content is the best way. Also, having site and listed articles in various directories will be a task that you have to consider completing to have an effective effort.

There are so many article directories seekers that have to seek article directories to be submitted to. Most online marketing site has their list of the directories to the site that they have in order to guide their users in identifying available articles directories. There are thousands of people are looking for the article directories and they are looking for the content that will surely populate their sites but then there are numerous numbers of the article directories through online. Now and into the following these are the best time for you to get your own article directory so here are the some ways that can benefits your business with the help of it:

  • There are thousands of site owners that are looking for the valuable content that they can put on their site. It is one way of making their own way to have the expected god outcomes for their websites. There are also thousands of authors, affiliates, marketers and resellers that are looking for directories to submit for.
  • You can have the prospects as leads to create your list.
  • The directory site you have can also have an AdSense and some affiliate ads and make hands off residual income.
  • You may also create article directories with special and highly targeted niche. You may put some affiliate products that can increase commission checks. You may also promote your in-house products just in case you have, directly to your directory and to prospects that you are suspecting to be interested with your offers.
  • You have also the chance of selling and setting up your own article directory for business purpose having a correct script will be your way to have it in a very simple way.

If ever that you are thinking that setting up your own directory will involve high expenses especially for hiring a skilled programmer, doing it by yourself is also possible. You may just use a point and click software in order to make your article directory effective within just a few minutes.


There should always be the clearest thing to you in doing your own set up for the article directory that you want to build up and it is the submission as another tactic for the marketing purposes. It can be for long term trend that can be effective within long years. Using contents of articles are always for populating the website. Every people always one to have their own traffic and you too can have the chance for setting up your own directory. It will always be one of the best ways for you to have your article directory a successful one.